Statutory activities of the foundation




Organizing, supporting, financing courses, lectures, seminars, symposia, conferences, debates, shows and specialist training for entities and people interested in the implementation of the statutory goals of the Foundation


Advisory and methodological support for organizations and entities implementing digital communication technologies, applications for people with disabilities, enterprises and organizations, digitization solutions for industry, IA technologies and applications, provisions on the protection of personal data



Publication of analyzes, expert opinions, reports prepared by the Foundation and entities cooperating with it



Organizing rankings and competitions promoting the statutory goals of the Foundation.



Preparing and issuing publications in the form of books, studies, magazines and other publications related to the statutory objectives of the Foundation.


Designing, giving opinions and actions aimed at introducing acts and other legal acts related to the scope of the Foundation's activities


Participation in proceedings before administrative authorities as a social representative.


Creation and implementation of programs qualifying and confirming professional competences of people related to the scope of the Foundation's activities
Implementation of the certification process and audit to prove the compliance of processing operations carried out by administrators and processors with the provisions on the protection of personal data


Organization of training centers for people and entities related to the scope of the Foundation's activities. Organization of national and international educational projects for students


International cooperation, in particular with other national platforms from the European Union countries, through the exchange of experiences, transfer of knowledge and development of a coherent approach to the processes of digital transformation of industry. 


Cooperation with research and development units and start-up entities in the scope of statutory activities of the Foundation in the field of organizing funds for development, creating research grants



Promoting and supporting the use by enterprises of intelligent management, production and distribution systems based on the acquisition, collection, transmission and analysis of data



Initiating research projects focused on the development of materials engineering, manufacturing techniques and new products. Conducting research in the field of biotechnology and digital technologies.

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